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Dear Chris,

The jacket is beautiful it fits great. The initials are just what I asked for! I couldn't be more pleased. You just did a beautiful job! I'll never part with it. It'll always be worn by me in memory of my beloved dad. The sweatshirt is terrific also. I loved it! It arrived today when I got home, (Dec. 3 Monday) and I couldn't wait to open the box. I'm so happy with it, Chris!!! Thank you, thank you.

Just thought I'd say thank you so much for doing such a great job. It means a lot to me.




Chris--I just want to thank you for the Ladies Jacket you made up for her a couple months ago. SHE LOVES IT. Been hot most of the time, but will use it more, soon. Again, thank you.


I just wanted to tell you that he loved it! He was so excited about it! The quality of your product is amazing, I'd even like to order a jacket haha. Also it showed up as u said. In one dayÂ

Great job sir. Thank you again.

Merry Christmas!

Hi all

I just want to email and thank you for the GREAT quality t-shirts that i bought at the show from you .. i was the guy that was around your booth when you were talking about how your mother made you drink the poison to make you feel better.. at the POCI CO-VENTION LOL Your shirts are a great value and iv'e had a lot of comments about them, that is why i'm ordering more 3 more tonight.



Chris, Thanks for getting this out fast!! I received the package TODAY! Great Job!!! Great Customer Service!!!


Dear Chris,

I just wanted to thank you for my jacket it is awsome i have worn it almost every day since i got it the only time i dont wear it is when i wear my grand national jacket that you made also. The guys at work all think it is top notch also thanks for a great product.


Owner 1970 GS Stage 1 1986 Grand National

Hi Chris, OMG the shirts are fantastic!!!!! Everything about the shirt was done with class and quality. Thank You so much for getting them done quickly and before the Norwalk Pontiac Nationals. Your the Best,

Kathy and Jeff Karakul

Dear seekme1, Pontiac Racing RULES!!!! And so do YOU!!!!


Got my order today and I love it all. Awesome quality and luckily everything fits. Love the lettering and emblem you use for the turbo 6. Thanks for being honest with shipping. take care,


To whom it may concern, I want to send some positive feedback your direction concerning my recent order. Not only did my dad love the Buick Grand National sweatshirt I bought from your website, he also enjoyed the little flashlight you inserted as an advertisement. I'm sure he'll be shopping your store in the near future. The other thing I appreciated about the order was that when I called to inquire about shipping, someone picked up the phone right away and was honest with me about the possibility that the package might not arrive in time for Christmas (because I'm on the west coast). I decided to go ahead with the purchase anyway, since your prices were so much cheaper than other websites. When the package arrived on Christmas Eve, you exceeded my expectations. Thank you CAA! You have earned a loyal customer!